Davy Crockett

The “King of the Wild Frontier” was a folk hero and politician, but also a freemason. It was while he was serving in Congress in Washington that he became a mason, and when he left to explore Texas he gave his masonic apron to the Weakly Lodge in Tennessee, where it still remains. His idea was to settle in Texas and move his family there, but sadly it never happened. While he was there, there was a surprise attack by Mexican soldiers and so the Battle of Alamo began. When the battle was over, and the Mexicans had taken the fort, Crockett was discovered among the dead. It was later rumored that he surrendered and was executed, but others maintain that he fought to the death on the Texan side standing up, as ever, for the forces of good.

Source: smashinglists.com/top-10-famous-freemasons

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