Mar. 14th, 2017 – The Traveling Gavel


Official Visitation by Alvin E. Just, DDGM 41 to Cambria Lodge # 278, Johnstown, 3/14/2017 and presentation of the Grand Lodge traveling gavel by Logan Lodge # 490, Hollidaysburg to Steven Tondora, WM of Cambria Lodge # 278


Jan. 21st 2017 – Penn. Ohio Days


Three brothers from Lodge No. 538 participated in the Penn Ohio day on January 21st.  All three received the Royal Master and Select Master Mason degrees.  The Royal Master Degree was conferred by the Pennsylvania contingent and the Select Mater degree was conferred by the host State Ohio contingency.  The degree Conferral s were conducted at the “Old Erie” Lodge No. 3 in Warren, OH.  It was a wonderful day for Freemasonry and Brotherhood.


Jan. 12th 2017 – Bro. Mark Adams, PM Delivers the Trifecta of  Degree Conferrals.


From left to right: Entered Apprentice Mason – Douglas Spaid, Bro. Mark Adams, PM, Bro. Gregory Lucas, Bro. Rick Fetzer, WM, and Fellowcraft Mason – Ignacio Juarez.

Bro. Mark Adams, PM conferred three degrees during the extra meeting at Greater Johnstown Lodge No. 538 on Jan. 12, 2017.  Anyone who has been part of a degree conferral can attest to the stamina and mental fortitude of the man delivering the degree.  It is no easy task for sure.  Bro. Mark Adams, PM delivered on all three in one evening.  That is absolutely amazing.  As an eyewitness to the event I can tell you it truly was something to behold and be a part of.  Kudos to Bro. Adams, PM.

Also, a hardy congratulations to our newest Master Mason Gregory Lucas, Fellowcraft Mason Ignacio Juarez, and Entered Apprentice Mason Douglas Spaid.  Welcome to all, we are glad you are here.


Jan. 5th 2017 – Bro. Nelson Lowes, is presented with the Master Builders Award.


Bro. Al Just DDGM and Bro. Rick Fetzer WM Lodge No. 538 presented the Master Builders Award to Bro. Nelson Lowes, Lodge No. 538 during the lodge’s regular stated business meeting.

The Master Builders Award was developed by the Grand Lodge to recognize newly made Masons who have worked diligently to engage in the activities of their Lodge, their District, and the Fraternity as a whole.

Each participant is required to complete several courses via the Grand Lodge’s online education system, as well as complete a personal Masonic journey through other avenues of the Fraternity. Once a candidate has completed the program, he submits the program form to his Worshipful Master, who forwards it on to the District Deputy Grand Master for review and submission.

All new Brothers should pursue this award.  Click on the Master Builders Award link to see more information on the Grand Lodge web-site.

This was the second award the Bro. Lowes took home that evening.  The first was bragging rights for the best chili in the lodge “Chili Cook-off”.  There were six entries and all were very good.  However Bro. Lowes’ “world famous bear creek chili” had the Brethren’s resounding support as the best.  Bro. Lowes donated his cash prize to the Annual First Responders Appreciation Event.